Saturday, July 10, 2010

IDPA here I come.

I've been thinking about starting competitive shooting for a while, but I recently decided to actually get off my butt and do it.
My first choice was what to shoot. I only have 2 pistols that are acceptable for practical shooting, my G23 and my STI Spartan. The G23 is my EDC and while I have no problems shooting it, I don't feel I would be quite as accurate as I could be shooting it in a competitive setting. The recoil is just a bit to snappy for me to shoot a whole lot of it, after about 100 rounds my hands start to
get tingly like they are going numb.
My long range plan is to get a Glock 17, and run it in Stock/Production division, but until I can afford the gun, ammo , and accessories, I'll be shooting my Spartan.

Currently it is at Ott Gun Works getting de-horned, and adding a new trigger, and main spring housing (both originally plastic). I've shot around a thousand rounds through it, and am comfortable with it, which is the best i can hope for I guess.

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