Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More E(FDE)R Goodness!

Someone pointed out that my carbine isn't an Evil Black Rifle, so much as an Evil Flat Dark Earth Rifle. So here are some more pics of my finally completed Carbine.

The Buttstock is a DuoStock with a CAA Stock Saddle on it.

The VFG is a 5 Position VFG with a Battery Compartment for CR123's.
I think it offers alot more flexibility than standard VFG's.

The Sights are an EOTech 552 and EOTech 3x Magnifier. I've put some thought into a smaller RDS but haven't really
made any decision one way or another..

Here it is, in it's case, and It fits perfectly, add a 20 round mag and I can have a Rifle ready to go just by opening a zipper.
I noticed in this pic I have the VFG flipped the Opposite way I usually do. Normally its flipped towards the Magwell.

A View From the rear, showing the Magnifier flipped out of the way and the EOTech ready to go.

Here I tried to show how the Iron sights can easily be used by flipping them up and taking the EOTech off.
The EOTech gets in the way, but I have a much better firing position with the riser there, so I make sacrifices for the
sake of ability.

Heres a close up of the reciever group showing the Phase 5 EBRv1 (Extended Bolt Release version 1)
This allows me to operate the Bolt catch/Bolt Release with my trigger finger, making Remedial action and loading much
easier and faster.

It also shows the QD sling connection at the reciever tube assembly, I use it in this position when I wear the weapon
with what I call a "Short 2 Point" Sling, which is really like a 1 point sling. If I put the QD on the forend position it acts
more like a 2 point sling.
This pic also shows the CamLock slider allowing me to adjust the length of the sling quickly between normal and "short"
setups and the buckle that allows me to remove the sling from my body quickly.

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